Dream of: 10 February 2003 "An Unexpected Visit"

I had been living in a small house in the country with my father and other members of my family. The house seemed more like a weekend retreat than a permanent residence. I had my own small bedroom, which had become untidy during our present stay and which I had been busily straightening up. When I was about half finished with the job, I was startled to see McSwain in the room.

McSwain (about 60 years old) was wearing a long black robe. How could he have found me way out here? I tentatively spoke with him, then finally asked him if he wanted to talk with me. He brusquely walked past me and indicated he would talk with me later. Before I could compose myself, he was out the door and had disappeared.

My father entered the room in a huff. In a flurry, my father and I left the house and boarded a car; my father drove while I sat in the front passenger seat. My father seemed to think I should catch McSwain, that McSwain obviously must have had something important to say to me. My father raced along the narrow country road, apparently intent on catching McSwain. We were speeding down a hill, with an intersection at the bottom with cars whizzing through it. I hoped my father had enough sense to slow down for the intersection. I myself didn't see what all the rush was about; I was in no hurry to talk with McSwain.

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