Dream of: 08 February 2003 "Moslems And Christians"

I was swimming in Symmes Creek, at the bottom of the hill in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Two pair of men were also in the water close to me. One pair of men were Christians, while the other pair were Moslems. One of the Christian men was the head of all Christians in the world something like the pope, only grander. Likewise, one of the Moslem men was the head of all the Moslems in the world. The other two men were the next-in-lines of each respective leader. All the men were portly and probably in their late 50s.

Both pairs were floating along in the water, seemingly unconcerned that the current seemed to be picking up speed. However, as we floated along under the bridge, I realized we were headed for a turbulent area and a small waterfalls. I floated along close to the two pair, and when we hit the waterfalls, the Moslems had trouble. The waterfalls wasn't as high as I had remembered it, but more like rapids. Nevertheless, as soon as the Moslems had passed over the rapids, the head-Moslem began sinking.

I quickly swam to the Moslem's aid and managed to pull him back up above the water. He was gasping for breath. When the two Christians swam up to us, I turned the Moslem leader over to them. The Moslem leader didn't appear to be in danger of drowning now, but he definitely needed to be pulled out of the water. I would leave him to the Christians; I wanted no further involvement in the matter.

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