Dream of: 31 January 2003 "Faulty Information?"

I was talking with Clifford (about 30 years old). I hadn't seen Clifford since our years at high school, and I was interested to know how he had fared. More than anything, I wanted to know about his relationship with Peggy. I had heard he and Peggy had married after high school; but I had never been able to confirm that information. Thus, I first asked him whether he had married Peggy.

I was stunned to learn he hadn't married Peggy. Apparently he hadn't even seen her in many years. He said she was married to a man whose last name was "Umpf."

This news was a bit disconcerting. Over the years I had had many dreams about Clifford and Peggy, and I had written those dreams on my web site. On my reference pages of Clifford and Peggy, I had written that the two of them were married to each other. Was this information faulty? If so, I needed to revise my reference pages to clear up the error.

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