Dream of: 23 January 2003 "Chainsaw"

Another fellow and I were looking across a patch of land dotted with small trees and bushes. I had been keeping track of this land for quite some time, allowing nature to take its course; I had preferred letting the trees and brush grow as they might. Now, however, I had decided to take control of the land. Both the other fellow and I were carrying chainsaws, and together, with chainsaws purring, we began walking across the field, cutting down small trees and bushes as we passed. Any of the larger trees we left standing; only the smaller plants were subject to the chain.

At the end of the field we encountered a hill scarred by a dirt road up its side. We climbed a short way up the hill, until I spotted a tangle of small trees on the side of the road. Both the other fellow and I climbed atop a mound of dirt, leaned over the side of the mound, and began cutting some small limbs of a blown-over tree. Abruptly the mound began to slide. It began to look as if the mound were the root system of the tree which had been blown over; by cutting some of the small limbs of the tree, we had dislodged the mound. Now we were caught on the mound of dirt sliding down the hill, picking up speed. I could possibly throw my chainsaw down and jump off; but doing so would be extremely dangerous. Conversely, if I stayed atop the mound, I might be crushed at the bottom of the hill. I was definitely in a precarious situation.

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