Dream of: 20 January 2003 "Dismal Choice"

I was riding a red motor bike along a bumpy dirt road. Several other people were traveling with me, including a couple fellows on black motorcycles. They were in a hurry to return home; it seemed they had been away from home for quite a while. They passed me and seemed to frown disdainfully on my slow-moving motorbike. Before I could stop them, they sped off and left me.

I wasn't left completely alone, however two black-haired women (probably in their mid 20s) were following me on foot. They caught up to me just as I reached an obstacle in the road. The road branched off to the right and the left, and each direction seemed almost impassible. Each road was tiny and piled up with black dirt. And only now did I realize that we were underground and each road led into a black lightless tunnel.

When the women caught up with me, I asked them if they had a flashlight. I myself was trying to forge some light from a small cigarette lighter; but my lighter was out of fuel and all I could achieve was a spark. One of the women pulled out a small flashlight which threw a tiny ray of light into the black abyss. She seemed to think we should take the road to the right. I thought the left road was probably the better choice, but I didn't know. I was willing to go either way at this point; both roads looked equally dismal.

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