Dream of: 18 January 2003 "Time-Travel"

It was the day before Christmas and I had to go to two high school classes I was taking. I didn't want to go, but I had been missing so many classes lately, I didn't think I should miss any more. Since I probably wasn't going to pass anyway, it didn't make much difference whether I went. But the classes would be short, so I decided to go. 

When I arrived in the class, I took a seat. The fellow sitting on my left was named Phil. He and I were sitting so far down in our chairs, we almost seemed to be lying on our backs. Phil had his book lying over his penis. Opal Bassler (my high school English teacher) was teaching the class. About 60 years old, she was standing in front of the class. Suddenly Bassler walked up to Phil and pushed the book away to see if he was playing with his penis. He wasn't, but when she walked away, he said something about having an erection. I didn't know if he meant he had an erection now or not. 

Bassler now said she was thinking about having a party today, and in the party the students would dress up as characters from the novels which we had been reading in this class. During this course, the students had been reading novels, but I hadn't been reading mine. A friend who sat in front of me had a small book which contained synopses of the novels, and I had been reading the synopses instead.  So I didn't like the idea of dressing up, because I didn't know anything about the characters. 

Bassler began talking about some of the novels. Her method of teaching was simply to stand in front of the class and talk about the novels. I found her talks to be quite uninteresting. Sometimes she would call on students to answer questions about the novels, and I had the feeling that she might call on the students today. As I rapidly read the synopsis of the novel which we had been assigned for today, I heard her call out the name of a student. 

From the synopsis, I gathered that the novel was about a woman who apparently was able to time-travel. But I couldn't tell if the woman went back in time or forward in time. Suddenly I heard Bassler call out my name. I didn't know the answer to her question, but I was able to adequately fake an answer. Another student said something. Then Bassler asked me another question. This time I couldn't think of an answer and I told her I couldn't remember. Bassler didn't press me - she went on and called on someone else. I felt bad because I hadn't been able to answer. I thought that perhaps in the future, I might actually take the time to read some of the novels, so I might be able to answer some questions. 

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