Dream of: 16 January 2003 "Dream Puzzle"

I had used a computer program to convert all my dreams into puzzle pieces; each dream was a separate piece of the puzzle. I was now putting the puzzle together, starting in the upper left corner. The pieces fit together in chronological order, just the way the dreams were arranged in chronological order on my computer: the earliest piece was in the top left corner and the subsequent pieces of that year ran in a row from left to right. I was happy to find whole sections of the puzzle already fitted together, so I only needed to put the long sections of fitted pieces in the puzzle. However, I soon discovered a problem which corresponded to a problem I had noticed on my computer file system: when I had recorded two dreams on the same day, the second dream of the day wasn't in the proper order, but was placed at the end of the year. I wasn't certain how this problem would be resolved; would an empty space remain in the puzzle which I would have to fill in later?

I had already assembled several rows in the top left. No forms were yet visible; so far the pieces only displayed a dull gray color, like an overcast sky.

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