Dream of: 13 January 2003 "Indian Attack"

A small group of American pioneers was traveling across an open plain. Although I accompanied the pioneers, I also seemed to be viewing and directing the action from afar. As I would think about what would happen, and imagine the next scene in my mind, so the action would come to pass. At present, we were most concerned about a band of American Indians which was following us; the Indians were preparing to attack us. We were far outnumbered only 15-16 of us.

I took command. I hastily directed the others to follow me to a grove of nearby trees. At least in the trees we might be able to find some shelter. The trees turned out to be larger than I had thought; they would provide ample protection. But even better, we discovered a building hidden in the trees. We quickly entered. The building had one room on the first floor and one on the second floor. We divided up; some of us went upstairs and some stayed downstairs. I went upstairs. We all had long, primitive rifles. How much ammunition did we have? And what kind of weapons would the Indians have? Should we be worried about the Indians trying to set the building on fire?

Upstairs, I noticed a black bear cub lying on the floor and I began petting it. It rolled on its back and let me rub its belly. Now I remembered why the Indians were attacking us: someone in our group had killed a black bear; the killing had enraged the Indians. The Indians' motive for attacking us was a little disconcerting: I loved bears; and this little cub was so lovable. Maybe the Indians had good reason to attack us.

Other animals were also upstairs. A small wild cat came up to me and allowed me to pet it. And when I sat down on the floor, a rabbit jumped in my lap and I began petting it.

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