Dream of: 07 January 2003 "Space Cowboys"

Just like in the movie Space Cowboys, three other men (including the actors Clint Eastwood and Scott Glenn) and I were being recruited to fly a space ship into outer space. We were all in a room together, in an institution where one of the other men worked. We knew the mission would be difficult, but we were prepared to undertake it. 

Eastwood had brought a bottle of whiskey with him. When he had walked in, he had furtively handed the whiskey bottle to me, as if he didn't want anyone to see it. As I looked around, I understood why Eastwood had tried to hide the whiskey: a fifth man (with a dark green blanket draped over his head) was standing to the side watching us. Since we weren't supposed to drink any alcohol, I thought this fellow might be spying on us. I said something to the others about the fellow's being here to spy on us, then I walked over to the fellow and pulled the blanket from his head. Eastwood jokingly (but with a slight tone of irritation) explained that he had put the blanket over the fellow's head so the fellow wouldn't be able to see us drink. But now I had pulled off the blanket and the fellow could see everything. The fellow remained on the side, however, and didn't interfere with us.  

The four of us all stood in a circle. Each of us had a shot glass and I began pouring drinks for all four. Every time I would pour for the others, each man raised up his glass so high that pouring was difficult. I couldn't understand why they were raising their glasses so high, but finally I understood they were trying to make sure their glasses were filled all the way to the brim. I poured my glass all the way to the top and I took a small sip. Now I was ready to propose a toast. The others also took a little sip before the toast, and I now understood they had wanted their glasses filled to the top so they could take the little sip before the toast. We all held out our glasses, but we didn't clink them, as I said, "Well, here's to a great ride." 

I lifted my glass to my mouth, tilted my head back, and drank the whole shot. I savored the taste of the whiskey. In the past I hadn't cared much for whiskey, but this tasted so good and mellow - it was excellent. 

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