Dream of: 01 January 2003 "Old Pictures"

While I was in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, my sister (probably in her mid 20s) stepped up to me and asked me if I had seen the pictures which my grandfather Liston had left upstairs. I told her I hadn't. Liston had been dead many years. What pictures was she talking about?

She continued talking in a friendly and intimate manner. She told me the pictures were of nude women. Her words now made a little more sense. I seemed to recall long ago having seen some pictures of nude women which had belonged to Liston. My sister asked me if I wanted to see the pictures. I was a bit surprised that she wanted to show them to me (wasn't she concerned that I might become aroused by the pictures); I told her I would look at them.

We both walked upstairs and she fetched the pictures. We then sat down on a couch, she on my left, so close she was pressed against me. I took the pictures in my hand and began going through them. The first few pictures weren't of naked women at all - they were of Liston's family. Some of the pictures were quite good; I told my sister I was happy to have found them. One picture showed my uncle George in front of several other family members.

I continued going through the pictures until I found one of a woman showing her nude breasts; the picture was rather hazy and didn't arouse me. I was becoming aroused, however, not by the pictures, but by my sister sitting so close to me.

Does she realize I'm starting to have an erection? Does she want to be closer to me?

I looked in the box of pictures and found another smaller box, which I opened. Inside was a sleek pair of black binoculars. I pulled out the binoculars and told my sister we should keep them and use them. I was happy to have found them.

I continued flipping through all the pictures, but didn't find any more nude pictures. My sister indicated that there was another box which she would fetch. I told her I had long thought that Liston and I were very much alike. My sister didn't seem to agree with that assessment; but I had long had a particular feeling of closeness to Liston.

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