Dream of: 31 December 2002 "Perse"

I awoke, looked around, and tried to figure out where I was. Then I remembered… I was lying on a bed in a dormitory room of a college. I was going to be taking classes in the college and I was thinking of moving into the dormitory. However, I hadn't yet made up my mind if I were going to live here. I would have to share the room with several other fellows.

I stood up and walked out of the room. Immediately outside was a cafeteria-like area where many people were sitting. I sat down in a booth by myself; but I immediately decided I didn't want to sit alone. I stood up and walked to a nearby table where a tall thin fellow (18-19 years old) was sitting alone. He had black hair and was wearing glasses. He was reading a book and several other books were lying on the table. One book was open and looked as if it were a calculus book.

I asked him if I could sit down and he indicated that I could. I took a seat across from him and began talking with him. I asked him where he was from and he said, “Perse.”

I immediately realized he meant he was from Iran. Immediately I felt as if we would have something to talk about and I told him that I had once been in Tabriz, Iran for eight months. However, I didn't mention that I had been in jail all that time; it might not be appropriate to bring up that subject. I asked him what city he had come from; but he didn't answer. He had clammed up. It was as if my mention of having been in Iran had put him on guard. Again I asked him what city he had lived in and I even mentioned “Isfahan“, and asked him if he had lived near there. Still, he didn't answer.

Another fellow walked over and sat down next to the first fellow. The second fellow was a bit older than the first fellow. He also had black hair, but he was chubbier and he didn't seem so studious. The second fellow seemed more inclined to talk; but I immediately perceived fear on the part of the first fellow, and I knew the first fellow wanted me to leave. I quickly deduced the reason: the first fellow was afraid I belonged to the secret Iranian police and that I was trying to solicit incriminating evidence from him. The first fellow was also obviously afraid of the second fellow, who probably did indeed belong to the secret police.

I stood up and took my leave. I began walking through the cafeteria, thinking that if I lived in the dormitory, I could obtain a meal ticket and eat here. Did I really want to do that? Did I really want to live in a dormitory with a bunch of other fellows? I recalled that I had once lived in a dormitory when I had attended college. Living on my own was so much better … why would I ever want to live in a dormitory again? I was definitely having second thoughts.

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