Dream of: 29 December 2002 (2) "Tank With A Loose Tread"

I was walking through an alley on Ninth Street in Portsmouth in the area just north of Portsmouth High School. A man (probably in his mid 50s) in the alley had a cardboard box full of things which he was preparing to burn in a small incinerator. I stopped and looked at the things; mostly they seemed like old toy models. One was a train engine made of wood; another was a plastic car missing some wheels. I asked the man when he had made the car and he said in the 1950s.

I thought I might like to have the models if the man were just going to destroy them anyway. Finally I found a small gray plastic military tank. It looked as if it were complete except one tread was loose.

I spotted a plastic bag at the bottom of the box and I looked into it. It was filled with magazines. They looked as if they were Ohio bar journals, similar to the Texas bar journals which I received every month. I turned to the man and asked him if he were a lawyer. He said he was,  but then added some clarification: it sounded as if he weren't actively practicing law. I told him I was also a lawyer. I felt a bit sheepish meeting him there in the alley like that, especially since I wasn't well-dressed, but I stuck out my hand and introduced myself, telling him my name. He took my hand and told me his name. My mind began working quickly: should I tell him I was thinking of applying to be admitted to the bar in Ohio; should I tell him I had once applied several years ago and the admission committee had wanted to know more about some old unpaid credit card debts and I had never finished the admission process? Maybe he could help me. I already knew Smith (a Portsmouth attorney) had agreed to vouch for me if I applied to be admitted in Ohio. Having another lawyer also vouch for me wouldn't hurt, especially a lawyer from Portsmouth. I might even become acquainted with several Portsmouth lawyers who could vouch for me. Yet I was still uncertain I should even bring up the whole subject to this man. He didn't know me and I didn't know him. Maybe I should just try to become acquainted with him first.

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