Dream of: 29 December 2002 "In Good Spirits"

I had just started out on a journey with seven or eight people, when we decided to sit down and play a card game. We sat down on the ground in a circle; three of us were sitting a little farther back from the circle than the others. The woman sitting next to me on my right was several years older than I (probably in her 40s). She was blonde and quite attractive. At one point she began whispering something in my ear; she was so close, her mouth touched my ear. I enjoyed the feeling and began thinking I would like for her to kiss my ear.

The ground was covered with brown pennies. I picked a few up. The pennies were thinner than ordinary pennies, as if they had been somehow worn down. Nevertheless, the pennies were still good. Maybe I should begin picking them up. I could roll them up in paper rolls and take them to a bank. However, I was concerned the others would disparage such action so I did nothing.

I was the dealer. We were playing poker. I dealt out the cards to everyone and then began looking at my hand. I was surprised to see that I had a straight flush from the three of spades to the seven of spades. Then I saw that I even had the two of spades. Each person had been dealt seven or eight cards. Now we all began discarding. We would then receive more cards, but would only end up with five in our hands. I discarded; but since I already had the five cards I wanted, I wouldn't draw anymore. Of course the others would know I had a good hand when they saw I wasn't drawing anymore. Would they think I was cheating, since I was the dealer? I hoped not, because I wasn't cheating.

The three of us who were sitting farther back moved into the circle so now everyone was sitting close to each other in a circle. I began dealing out the other cards. The woman was still sitting next to me on my right. I gave her her cards. Then I dealt to the fellow on the other side of her. As he picked up his cards, he put his nose so close to the ground he touched the snow which covered the ground in the middle of the circle. I pointed out that his nose looked like the snout of a cow or bull; but then I changed my description and said his nose looked like that of a bear. He didn't seem to appreciate what I had said. So I moved on to the next person, an attractive woman. She was part black. I asked her what she wanted, referring to the cards. She replied sardonically, “A dick.”

I immediately quipped, “That could be arranged.”

I thought my answer was quite witty. And I was telling the truth – if she were interpreted in having sex, I would definitely be willing to obliged. She was probably in her mid-twenties and quite attractive.

I was in an exceptionally good mood. I was surprised that I  enjoyed playing cards with people like this; but the game had definitely put me into good spirits.

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