Dream of: 28 December 2002 "Visiting The Cemetery"

I was sitting in the backseat of a car which my father was driving through the countryside of Gallia County. We were about five kilometers from a small town – perhaps Patriot or Rio Grande – where I was presently attending school. I told my father I would like to find some land out there and start living there. I could then walk to school everyday. My father corrected me and told me I could “hike” rather than walk (apparently he thought hiking was more invigorating than walking).

We passed a cemetery on our left. The cemetery appeared to be divided into two sections – an older section on top of a small hill and a newer section at the base of the hill. I pointed the cemetery out to my father and mentioned that I would like to stop there someday. To my surprise, he pulled into a driveway, turned the car around, and headed back to the cemetery.

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