Dream of: 19 December 2002 "Dangerous Lion"

A blonde-haired woman (probably in her early 30s) was sitting in a chair in a room her bloody severed left hand was lying in front of her. A shaggy-maned lion was standing behind her, sniffing her neck. The lion was huge, almost dwarfing the woman. The lion seemed to be tame, and the woman seemed unafraid. However, the lion caught the scent of blood from the bloody stump of the woman's left arm and moved around to the left side of the woman; when the woman raised her bloody arm into the air, the lion grabbed the arm in its mouth and began dragging the woman from the chair.

I had been entranced with the scene, almost as if I had been watching a movie. Only now, as the lion pulled the woman away, did I realize that I had been standing right next to the woman and that I might also be in danger.

Will the lion turn his attention back to me after he devours the woman?

My alarm increased when a second lion walked in front of the chair where the woman had been sitting. The second lion eyed me. He was only half the size of the first lion, yet still formidable.

Will he attack? He also seems tame? Can I slip away from him?

I gingerly began walking toward a door. The second lion followed. We passed through the door into the next room. I led the lion along, almost like a housecat; he even began to take on the likeness of a tame housecat. I led him to the neighboring bathroom and he walked in. I quickly shut the door behind him a flimsy double sliding door, the kind that could probably easily be pushed open. I hurried back across the room, passed through another sliding door and shut it behind me. I was in the garage. I headed through the garage door and exited.

Hopefully, the lion will not push open the door and chase me out here.

I stepped out into a suburban neighborhood.

Where am I? Am I dreaming? If I'm dreaming, it doesn't really matter where I am. I'll just have to go with the flow.

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