Dream of: 17 December 2002 "Animal Sacrifice"

My father was sitting not far from me, reading a passage from the New Testament. Abruptly, I told him to stop; he had read something which interested me and I wanted to study the section further. The passage indicated that Jesus had instructed his followers that they should no longer sacrifice animals. Specifically, the passage indicated that animal blood should not be used in sacrifices.

I blurted out to my father that I wanted to find another passage in the New Testament which confirmed this commandment of Christ. I tried to explain that I was trying to better understand the differences between Old Testament Jewish doctrine and New Testament Christian beliefs. If I could understand the specific changes which had been decreed by Christ, I would better understand both belief systems.

The sacrifice of animals seemed like an excellent starting point. Animals had been sacrificed not only in the Jewish religion but all through the Mid East; I could even recall having seen ancient rock carvings of animals being sacrificed. I had never been able to pull my mind around this concept: sacrificing animals simply didn't make sense to me. And I had particular difficulty understanding the significance of blood in these rites – the sprinkling and splattering of animal blood. However, I could comprehend that Christ's negation of the sacrifice of animals was a significant change of doctrine.

I also had a Bible in my hand. I began flipping through it. I became distracted for a few moments with one of the books of the Old Testament. The book was short and the story seemed interesting. However, I quickly flipped forward to the New Testament and began looking for a passage concerning animal sacrifice. I recalled that I had once memorized a New Testament passage in which the subject of human flesh had been mentioned. Where was that passage? Maybe it had some clues. Was it in the book of Mark or the book of Matthew? I continued turning pages, looking for the passage.

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