Dream of: 14 December 2002 "Misguided Prayer"

Like a scene out of a western movie, a man dressed in cowboy garb was walking down the middle of a dirt street in the center of a little town. Two other cowboys rode up on horses in front of him. All three men had an Hispanic look, all three seemed strong and in the prime of life. Without warning, the two men on horseback pulled out rifles and blasted away at the lone man in the street; he fell over, apparently dead. The two men on horseback turned their horses and swirled away down the dusty street.

I stood watching. Even before the bloodshed, I had seemed to have had a premonition of the scene. It was as if I had wanted the man in the street to be shot, as if I had something against him. But now that the violence was over, I was unsure of my feelings. Maybe the two riders should even be brought to justice. I decided to follow them. They didn't go far, and without effort I reached the house which they had entered. I would keep watch of them here; perhaps I would even turn them in to the authorities.

I was a bit surprised to find my grandmother-in-law, Maria Valencia, standing on the concrete front porch. She was probably in her seventies, small and frail. She didn't seem to notice me; she was too busy giving thanks to God. I couldn't be sure – whether she was giving thanks because the men had killed the other man, or because she thought the two men would be captured and punished. However, clearly she had previously prayed for God to be involved in this whole episode, and she was now thanking God for having done so.

Poor misguided woman. God does not intervene in these type of affairs. No matter how much she might have prayed for God's help, God wouldn't compel other people to act according to her prayer.

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