Dream of: 10 December 2002 (2) "Offensive"

Carolina walked into the living room of the Logan Street House. As she stepped up to me, I knelt down on my knees so my face was on a level with her navel. She was only wearing white panties and a white tee shirt. She seemed particularly sexy today, slim and trim (in her late 20s). I pulled up her tee shirt and began kissing her stomach just left of her navel. She smiled as I began moving my head upward towards her breasts; she seemed to be expecting me to start nibbling on her breasts, as if I always headed straight to her breasts when I became amorous. What would she think if I were to reach my hand around behind her and stick my index finger into her butt? I had never done such a thing – but I wondered what it would be like. How would she react?


I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke, I was still in the living room, but Carolina was no longer with me; where had she gone? I walked over to the door to the side bedroom, opened it and looked inside. The room was much larger than I remembered; and arranged differently. Everything in the room was white. Along the wall straight across from me was a bed with someone on it; no, it wasn't a person – it was Picasso. He stretched and jumped off the bed. But where was Carolina? There she was – at the end of the room. She had stretched out a huge piece of a foamy substance – about ten feet long, about two feet high, and about two feet wide – and made a bed out of it. Covered with a white sheet, it looked comfortable; but clearly there was no room for me on it. Anyway, Carolina indicated that she wanted to sleep right now and that she didn't want to be bothered.

Slowly I began to realize I must have been dreaming earlier about the episode with Carolina in the living room. I should probably write the dream; but I hesitated. Did I really want to write down and publish that I had been thinking of sticking my finger in Carolina's butt? So many people read my dreams now … It was only a dream, but what would people think; people like my sister, who were so conservative and so offended by anything … offensive.

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