Dream of: 10 December 2002 "War Zone"

Weinstein and I were walking through the rubble of a war-torn street in Israel. I was holding a sturdy cane which I had borrowed; I didn't need the cane – my legs functioned fine; but I liked the feel of the cane and I didn't want to give it back. Nevertheless, since I felt compelled to return the cane, Weinstein and I headed toward the little building where I could do so.

We reached the tiny building, which looked like a sidewalk restaurant. Along the side was a counter top in front of which stood several tall chairs. Weinstein and I both sat down on the chairs. I looked inside; there was no roof – probably blown off during the war. Behind the counter were several men dressed in military garb. One poured a cup of coffee and set it in front of me. Before I could pick up the cup, however, Weinstein reached over and took it. I didn't care much, but I pointed out to Weinstein that I thought the cup was for me. The soldier who had poured the cup poured me another cup; but this cup was only hot water. Would it slowly turn into coffee? What did it matter? – it seemed I was just wasting time here anyway, in the middle of the war, sitting and drinking coffee.

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