Dream of: 05 December 2002 "The Red Fan"

I was helping prepare gift packages of toys for needy children. I was standing in front of a long table on which people were placing sacks of toys. In turn, I extracted the toys from the sacks, and then put them in the brown paper sacks which would then be given to the children. However, after filling up a couple of sacks, I decided that instead of completely filling up the brown sacks, I should only put three toys in each sack (I wanted to be sure I would have enough toys for everyone).

After preparing a couple three-toy bags, I wondered whether I should distinguish the bags by placing a "B" or a "G" on each bag, for "boy" or "girl." When I started working on the next bag, I decided I would fill it with toys for a boy.

I began with an older model metal fan (probably from the 1960s) which was painted bright red. The fan's blades were about a foot in diameter. It appeared to be in excellent condition; but did it work? I had sometimes donated non-working electronic devices to Goodwill, thinking Goodwill might be able to repair them. Were such donations proper? I thought so. So if this fan didn't work, I wouldn't be surprised.

I plugged the fan in, and to my surprise, it seemed to work perfectly. I unplugged it and stuck it in the brown paper bag – maybe a bit heavy for the bag, but hopefully the bag would hold.

I needed two more items. I saw a plush stuffed green turtle, about four inches in diameter, and I also stuck it in the bag. Now I only needed two more items. On the floor sat a cardboard box filled with hats. I rifled through the boxes and pulled out a warm hat with a hood-flap on the back to protect the neck; this should be a good gift for a needy child. I stuffed the hat in the sack.

Another sack was finished; but were these really the kind of toys a young child would enjoy? Maybe they were a bit two practical – after all, a fan and a hat? Oh well, they would have to do for now.

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