Dream of: 01 December 2002 (2) "Oil Rig"

I was standing outside the Summerdale Drive House, looking at the oil rig on the east side of the House. An unsuccessful venture, the unsightly rig stood rusting here in the suburban landscape. My neighbors surely didn't appreciate my having the rig here. Of course if I had actually struck oil they would have sung a different tune; then they would have been sinking oil wells in their own backyards.

Now, however, I simply needed to have the rig disassembled and moved away. The rig didn't actually belong to me; I had simply paid the owner of the rig to drill here for oil. The rig's owner seemed to be delaying the disassembly of the rig. Could I possibly sue the rig's owner and obtain a lien on the rig? No, I better not do that; I wouldn't want the rig's owner to sue me back and somehow obtain a lien on my house.

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