Dream of: 01 December 2002 "African Wolves"

Traveling on foot deep in the African interior, I had lost my way. Fortunately, my surroundings weren't unfriendly – gently sloping farmland – and I wasn't worried. Several small gray wolf cubs crossed my path and even allowed me to pet them.

I soon encountered a woman who lived on a nearby farm. We talked and she told me she was looking for her son. When she described him, I realized I had seen him not long ago. He was 11-12 years old and was gay. I described the boy I had seen and she said that was him; apparently she already knew he was gay and it didn't matter to her.

I asked her why she continued to live here in Africa – it was quite dangerous here. Since the woman was white, she was constantly threatened by the local blacks. Plus, the political unrest in this country (I couldn't quite remember which country I was in) was intense. The woman indicated that she felt as if she were on the front lines of a global battle from which she wouldn't retreat. I told her I intended to return to the United States and live there. I explained that I felt safe and secure in the United States. Even if all the rest of the world should fall in this global war, the United States would be able to protect its borders from invaders.

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