Dream of: 29 November 2002 "Bus Ride"

As I was sitting in the back of a bus, I noticed that the blonde-haired woman sitting next to me on my left had laid her hand on my left leg. Probably in her mid 20s, she had a shapely figure and was attractive, even though she seemed to be of a lower class. After her hand had lain on my leg a while, I began to become aroused and realized I had an erection. My erect penis had forced itself down my left pants leg, almost reaching the spot where her hand lay. Seeing the opportunity, I adjusted my position, moving myself so that the bulge in my pants was under her hand.

She was definitely interested. She began passing her hand over the proturbence as if measuring its size. Seemingly satisfied, she allowed her hand to rest atop the mound, continuing to lightly massage it.

I was somewhat concerned about our activity because on the other side of the woman sat her boyfriend, a husky fellow probably also in his mid 20s; I definitely didn't want any trouble with him. However, he appeared either to be unaware of his girlfriend's activity or else he simply didn't care. So I decided to go a step further.

First I grabbed my blue jean jacket and spread it over my legs and over the woman's hand. Then I reached under the jacket, gingerly clasped the girl's hand, and slipped it inside my pants. Her fingers reached straight for my rod; she entwined her fingers around me and administering her delightful touch, she held on tight.

My pleasure, however, was all too brief. The bus suddenly lurched to a halt and minor bedlam erupted – apparently we had reached a stop. As people began pushing and shoving to stand and depart, the woman retracted her hand. Disappointed, I gathered my jacket.

More than disappointment, however, quickly confronted me: the woman's boyfriend had come to attention. Clearly he had become aware of the woman's dalliance, and he was angry. He rattled off some threatening words to me, pointed his index finger and cocked his thumb, as if he were going to shoot me. What should I do? I hesitated a moment, thinking. This wasn't my bus stop – I needed to go a short ways further. I had thought we were somewhere in Waco, but the streets outside looked more like Hurst. My stop was only a short distance from here. Finally, I decided it would be imprudent to stay longer – I walked toward the front of the bus.

As I stood beside the front door of the bus, the bus again began rolling down the street. After traveling only a couple blocks further, we reached the outskirts of town and entered a tranquil green farming area. We were going in the wrong direction for me! I turned to the bus driver and told him I would like to get off right here. I could walk the few blocks back to my destination.

The driver stopped the bus and opened the door for me. However, just as I was about to step out the door, the bus began to topple. I stood frozen, uncertain what to do. Since the bus was leaning over in the direction of the door, I positioned myself so I was able to stand on the ground in the doorway. I thought if the bus rolled over, I could stand on the ground and the bus would simply pass over me. And that is exactly what happened: the bus rolled over and I was left standing erect on the ground.

I figured the bus would quickly come to a halt a few feet away; instead, the bus began rolling violently down the side of a hill. Over and over it crashed (the passengers could be heard screaming in terror), finally smashing into a tree in a gully at the bottom of the slope. People were screaming (I thought I heard someone call my name, perhaps the woman). I had to help. I began running down the side of the hill. On the way I threw my jacket on the ground.

When I reached the bus, people were already starting to climb out the windows. Other rescuers had also shown up. People were injured, but no one's injuries seemed critical. My presence soon seemed superfluous – I decided to leave. I didn't want to wait until the woman's boyfriend emerged from the wreckage. I turned my course back up the side of the hill and headed for my blue jean jacket.

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