Dream of: 26 November 2002 "Discussing Poets"

I was standing on the Kentucky side of the old U.S. Grant Bridge, which stretched across the Ohio River from Kentucky to Portsmouth. Woody Allen (about 40 years old) was standing in front of me. He was thin and wearing glasses. I was trying to persuade him to stand here and talk with me. I was intent on discussing T.S. Eliot with him. I blurted out some facts about Eliot (I was thinking to myself that I had memorized several of Eliot's poems). When Allen seemed to show no particular interest, I persisted that we could also talk about other poets, such as Ezra Pound (although I thought to myself that I knew precious little about Pound). Still, Allen displayed no interest and before I could say more, he turned and headed across the bridge.

I followed, but I couldn't seem to keep up. Allen seemed to be running, and I seemed to be carrying a heavy load which was weighing me down. Finally, however, – still on the bridge – Allen paused and allowed me to catch up. He stood patiently while I once again began talking with him about the poets.

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