Dream of: 22 November 2002 "Digging Through Trash"

I was in the House in Patriot, in the front room, which had been converted into a bedroom. I was lying in the bed on my back, while my nephew Steven (about 20 years old) lay next to me on my left. We were both under the cover. 

The door to the adjoining living-room/kitchen was open, and from my position I could see two young women (17-18 years old) had entered the other room. A bed was also in that room, and one of the girls (black-haired) was bending over the bed. Her dress was pulled up so I could clearly see her beautiful round butt. A strip of cloth was hanging down over the crack, so I couldn't tell whether she was wearing panties. As she moved around a little, I was still uncertain, but thought she probably was wearing panties.

Finally she crawled in bed with the second girl. They soon began kissing and started taking off their clothes. One girl started fingering the other, and soon they conducted several erotic sexual moves on each other. I quickly had an erection. I could also sense Steven was moving and I wondered if he had also gotten excited and might even be masturbating. 

I thought that the girls might know we were watching and that they might simply be putting on a show for us. Soon more girls showed up - now five were in the room - and I became even more excited. Finally two of the girls walked into my room - one came to me and one went to Steven. I pulled the cover off me, revealing my erection. Steven, however, apparently had some kind of problem and he wasn't able to respond to the other girl's advances. I myself was quite ready, but when one of the girls sat down right on top of me, I moaned, "I can't. I'm married."

When she began trying to kiss me, even though I also began to worry about contacting AIDS, I felt myself giving in to her. Abruptly, however, I thought how strange this all was. This whole scenario seemed so unreal, I concluded I must be dreaming

I awoke. I realized I had indeed been dreaming. I was still in the same room, lying in the bed, but no one else was with me. Wanting to be sure I had been dreaming, I stood up and walked into the adjoining room. No one was there. As I stood in the room, however, a car (it looked like a blue Cadillac) pulled up outside. Since I was completely naked, I ran back into the bedroom and pulled on a pair of pants and a white tee shirt. 

When I walked back into the living room/kitchen, my grandmother Leacy (about 50 years old) and another woman walked in. I walked over to my grandmother, hugged her, and held her tight. She felt a bit thin, but in good shape. When I let go of her, she began talking about some things which needed to be done around the House. We walked over to the small room which housed the stairs to the basement. We looked through the window into the side yard, and she said some tile was out there which she needed to get. I could see two big dumpsters, almost as big as train cars, filled with all kinds of junk. She said the tiles were at the bottom of the dumpsters and I thought I would have to dig through the trash to find the tiles. I asked her if the tiles might be broken and she responded that she didn't think so. 

It looked as if the whole place needed cleaned up and I thought I would end up doing a lot of work there. Obviously my grandmother needed some help, but I didn't want to become too involved. When she died, her children would inherit everything. I could spend a lot of time working here, and not receive anything for it. 

Nevertheless, I might stay there a while. I noticed some pictures of the comic book heroes, The Fantastic Four. I might cut out the pictures and make collages out of them. I could enjoy being there. I might simply stay and work for a while. 

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