Dream of: 17 November 2002 "Waterfalls"

A woman and I were hiking up the green path of a gently slopping mountain. My companion (about 30 years old) at times seemed like Carolina, and at other times more like a friendly acquaintance. To our right loomed the peak of our mountain; and to our left fell a steep rocky cliff along the top of which we were hiking. Also to our left lay the splendid vista of dozens of mountains in the distance. However, most splendid were two tall narrow waterfalls which cascaded from a neighboring mountain.

We paused to admire the waterfalls. I told my companion that I wanted to live somewhere like this where I could have a view of waterfalls. I had concluded that the location of a person's home symbolized the type of life which the person led; and I had also concluded that my home needed to be in sight of a waterfalls. Of course I realized that such locations were in great demand and difficult to obtain. However, maybe here in this remote location I could build a house in view of these waterfalls. I thought this land was probably owned by the United States government and I had heard that it was possible for a person to obtain four acres from the government for the purpose of building a home. I would have to find out more information about the program. Of course building out here would be problematical because of lack of utilities. Nevertheless, as I explained to my companion, building here was a possibility.

When we again resumed our climb, a black-furred animal began running along in front of us. At first I couldn't identify the animal, but quickly realized it was a bear. Someone suddenly ran past me and gave chase to the bear. Was my companion that crazy? I hollered to stop. When the chase continued, I realized the person wasn't my companion – she was still with me; the person giving chase appeared to be a boy (about 15 years old). It seemed as if I had seen the boy earlier, farther back down the trail; apparently he had been following along behind us and had run past us when he had seen the bear.

I continued hollering at the boy; the bear looked small and was probably a cub; but my fear was that the bear's mother would show up. The boy, however, paid me no mind, and chased the bear up the side of the mountain, so far away I could hardly see. I finally pulled out some binoculars so I could watch the action. The bear stopped and the boy moved closer. Now the bear's coat appeared brown, like that of a grizzly. The boy appeared to be petting the bear on the nose – and then the attack! The bear grabbed one of the boys legs with its teeth and started tearing. The bear grabbed the other leg. The sight was terrible. I wanted to help the boy, but I had no weapon. Now my concern turned to my companion and myself. When the bear finished with the boy, it might turn back toward us.

Exactly as I feared, so it came to pass. The bear finished with the boy and began running back down the mountain toward my companion and me. I looked around. How could we escape? We might slide down the rock cliff on our left; but it was so high and so jagged, we would probably be killed. Finally, we both jumped atop a huge flat boulder and waited. The bear approached, but it seemed to be simply trying to warn us and not attack us. It strode around the boulder, but it didn't climb up where we were. Finally, the bear crawled into a cave-like space under the boulder. I leaned over the edge and pointed a flashlight back toward the bear – yes, there it was back in the shadows.

I stood back up. Again I looked through my binoculars at the boy. He was still in the same place and he was still alive; but both his feet had been bitten off. He had wrapped white blood-stained rags around the stumps of both legs. Obviously he couldn't move; someone would have to fetch him.

Suddenly another woman appeared on the path further up the hill, perhaps 50 meters away. She was hollering to us and I hollered back. I told her to call for help. She indicted that we might be able to reach her house which was farther up the mountain. Yes, now I could see the house, made of rough-hewn lumber, perhaps a hundred meters away. We might be able to reach the house. However, I was afraid if we jumped off the top of the boulder, the bear would chase and catch us. Doing so seemed too dangerous for my companion; but I decided I would take the risk.

When I saw my chance, I jumped down and began running with all my might. Happily, the bear didn't follow and I quickly reached the house. I jumped onto the spacious porch, turned around and looked back down the mountain toward the boulder and my companion; but she was no longer on the boulder – she also had jumped off and was running toward me up the path. No doubt now – she was definitely Carolina. She was dressed in a dark blue sweat shirt and dark blue pants. She couldn't run fast, but she was running as fast as she could. When she reached the porch I bent over (because she was shorter than I), wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up in the air. We were safe! I was so happy to be safely holding her here.

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