Dream of: 10 November 2002 "Dark Shadows"

I was in the Gay Street House (a little different from normal) where I had been living part-time for a while. I was presently in the first-floor room on the Eighth Street side. I enjoyed living in the House, especially because of all the fine old woodwork. I looked at the wooden stairway which ran from this room to the upstairs. 

My mother (also in the room with me) was also living in the House, taking care of my brother Chris. Suddenly I heard Chris upstairs calling for my mother; but she remained seated and didn't want to go upstairs. He hollered a couple more times and finally he hollered out that urine was in his bed. When my mother still showed no inclination to go upstairs, I said I would go up. Finally, however, she said she would go up to take care of him and she ascended the stairs.

After she had left, I began examining the wooden stairs more closely. As I examined the wooden railing, I began thinking that since I was going to be living there, I might start doing some repair work on the House. A piece of wood had come loose on the railing, and I thought I should be able to repair it. As I continued my examination, I touched a big wooden pillar, and it started to topple over. I fell onto the floor and grabbed it just before it hit the floor. In the process, however, all the railing along the stairs fell off. I thought I would now have to fix all of that. 

As I began feeling around under the stairs where the railing was connected, I thought I felt signs of termites. As my mother came back down the stairs, I asked her if my father had treated the House for termites. She told me he didn't believe in it. I told her the termites were going to eat up the House.

As my mother watched, I pulled out a flat piece of wood, about 10 by 10 centimeters square. The piece had three layers of wood on it, and the middle piece had been eaten by termites. I thought perhaps my brother-in-law could repair that piece. 

Still looking for things which needed repaired, I walked outside in front of the House, where I discovered several problems, including a loose awning. A boy walked up, accompanied by a frizzy-haired man (about 25 years old) who looked half black. The boy said the man worked on things like the awning, and the man began looking over the awning. The problem was rather extensive: some of the wood was loose. I thought I might simply hire the man to repair the awning. He asked me about the construction and I told him that everything except the awning was the original construction. I pointed out that the awning had been added later to the House. 

The man said that this House had some kind of connection with the television show "Dark Shadows." I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Finally, however, he said he could fix the awning for $15, which sounded cheap to me. He said he would need 22 days to finish the job. I told him to do the job, but that I would like for him to do it as soon as he could. He was not overtly friendly. He said, "Ok" and walked off. 

As soon as he had left, I noticed that my sister had walked up. Having seen the fellow, she pulled me aside and told me the fellow was mentally unbalanced. She said he had once before worked on the House for my father, and that he was obsessed with the connection of the House with the show "Dark Shadows." 

As she and I continued looking at the House, I lay down on my back, and my sister lay down next to me. She moved closer and closer to me, until she was almost right on top of me. She was wearing a nice soft white sweater. She was probably in her early 20s. I was surprised at her lying so close because she had been so stand-offish for such a long time. Finally I put my arm behind her back and pulled her slightly closer to me. She didn't resist at all. She acted as if she wanted to be close to me. 

One of my sister's sons showed up and interrupted us, so she and I stood up and walked inside. Her son also walked in. She continued talking about the man. Very concerned, she didn't want the man to have anything to do with the House. I told her I might just fix the problem myself.  

She started sweeping. On the floor was a doll, like a Barbie, about 15 centimeters tall, with humongous breasts. I thought it seemed strange for the breasts of a doll to be so large. I also noticed that my sister's breasts were slightly larger than normal, but perfect for her figure, which was excellent. Obviously she had been taking good care of herself. Her son and I watched as she swept the doll into a pile of trash. I joked, "That little doll's got some big'uns, don't it." 

I immediately realized I probably shouldn't have said that because I might have offended my sister. Even though her son appeared to be smiling at my comment, my sister obviously didn't want to discuss anything sexual in front of him. She didn't say anything; she simply left the doll in the pile of trash and continued sweeping.

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