Dream of: 31 October 2002 "Flying Underground"

I was a member of a security force. My job was to monitor several underground areas where untold thousands of people worked. Under the surface of the earth, vast areas had been excavated and improved like the floors of an underground building; only these floors stretched on and on… even I didn't know how far. Every day thousands of people would descend in elevators to one of the four or five underground floors and work in their rooms and offices there; working underground now seemed normal.

What the ordinary workers didn't know was that beneath the four or five main levels were two other levels where the security force – and I – maintained our quarters. The security force not only patrolled and maintained order in the upper four or five floors, but also controlled the lower two. Dressed in dark police/military style clothing, we (the security force) viewed ourselves as having an exalted position as we mingled among the ordinary workers and kept an eye on things.

One day, however, as I did my rounds, I suffered quite a shock. Another fellow who was also a security agent was with me; together, by accident, we discovered a passage to yet another underground stratum below the two levels of the security force. We descended to investigate. How astonished we were to discover that a whole new series of levels existed here, levels which were essentially identical to the ones where I worked. Here – below my levels – was a second series of several levels where other ordinary workers descended in elevators and worked. And below the worker levels was a set of two security levels about which the ordinary workers were unaware.

My companion and I went undetected as we moved around the levels of this second stratum, including the two security levels. We quickly discovered that none of the workers nor the security personnel were aware of the upper levels of the first stratum. I could hardly see how this unawareness was possible. The people from this second stratum returned to the surface every day just like the people of the first stratum; but, somehow, just as the workers of the first stratum were unaware of the two security levels in the first stratum, no one in the second stratum was aware of the first stratum.

My companion and I also discovered something else: here in the second stratum we could fly! We made this discovery after noticing that the security personnel in this stratum were flying around through the corridors and passageways. We decided to try flying ourselves, and were delighted to discover that simply by using our will power, we could rise and also take flight through the many high-ceilinged halls. We flew all about, from place to place, examining and trying to understand. Our flight took us into dark passageways, cavernous areas which hadn't yet been fully excavated and developed.

It was here in one of these areas that my companion and I made another startling discovery: giant flying insects. The insects were a little bit bigger than a man and basically looked like giant beige-colored flies. As the insects flew toward us, their huge multi-faceted eyes bulged from their heads. Obviously the insects were unfriendly; and just as obviously, they were intelligent, almost human-like. My companion and I hid among some rocks while the insects buzzed over top of us, trying to spot us. Could these insects be the reason for all the secrecy? Who was in control of all this? Unable to spot us, the insects finally flew away.

Apparently our discovery of the insects had alerted some security personnel who became suspicious of us and tried to apprehended us. My companion and I took flight, whizzing wildly through the darkened caverns, trying to escape. Suddenly, ahead of us, I saw a hole in the floor, just big enough for a person to squeeze through. Could it be possible that yet another stratum of levels existed below this one? I told my companion to come with me; but he balked. When I saw that he wouldn't descend further, we separated. He flew off alone, and I alone flew into the hole.

I flew downward through the darkness, much farther than I had expected. Had I made a mistake? Just when I began to worry, I came out into a lighted space, a hallway. I stood up on the floor. Up ahead of me was an elevator carrying workers! I mingled and soon discovered that I had uncovered yet a third stratum! Just as in the above two strata, the workers here had no knowledge of the other two strata. The main difference here was the amount of time necessary for the elevator ride from the surface of the earth. I estimated that to reach these deep levels, the workers might have to spend an hour on the elevator. I figured they probably looked at the ride as simply commuting time.

Did other deeper levels exist below this one? How far toward the center of the earth could these levels be excavated? Surely, soon, the heat would prevent going deeper. Already I could sense a definite increase in temperature on this stratum; but I still needed to explore further to see if other strata existed below.

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