Dream of: 09 October 2002 "Metal Spider's Web"

My wife Carolina and I were visiting my old pal from early college, Randy Ramey (my old pal from my early college years), who was living in a small house in a semi-suburban area in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After Carolina, Randy and I had talked for a while, Randy (who looked as if he were in his mid 20s) pulled out a marijuana joint and handed it to me. I commented about how well the joint was rolled – straight and firm like a regular cigarette.

Randy told me he had to drive to Kansas and he asked me to go with him. He said the trip would only last three hours; I agreed to go. I figured he and I would smoke the joint on the way. Leaving Carolina behind, Randy and I walked out to his car. Only gradually did I realize the purpose of the trip: Randy was delivering some cocaine to someone in Kansas. He showed me the red metal can (round and about 25 centimeters in diameter) which contained the cocaine.

Once I understood the purpose of the trip, I immediately became apprehensive. I realized Randy had successfully handled cocaine for many years without being caught, but he didn't seem to be taking enough precautions to suit me on this trip. Apparently he was simply going to stick the metal can in the trunk. Before we boarded the car, I told him the chances of his being caught with the cocaine might only be one in a thousand; nevertheless, I thought he should take more precautions. For example, he might be able to fabricate a mechanical piece which would appear to be part of the car and stick the cocaine in it. Randy immediately agreed with me and the two of us turned back toward his house so he could contrive a better way to hide the cocaine. I was relieved that we weren't going to leave right now; besides, when I thought more about it, I realized we couldn't possibly drive all the way to Kansas and back in three hours; we would first have to drive across Oklahoma which alone would take several hours.

While Randy walked back into his house, I stepped into a wooded area behind the house where a small stream flowed nearby. I still had the joint and I was thinking I might go ahead and smoke it. I walked into a small shed behind the house and sat down in a corner where I thought I might be able to there.

As I looked around, my attention was drawn to a spider working on a spiral web. The sight was mesmerizing. Two small animals were actually at work: the spider and a second little insect which I thought was separate from, but also a part of, the spider. The second insect was longer than the spider and had a definite metallic look to it. Both the spider and the second insect were facing each other, about a centimeter from each other, busily working on the web. As they constructed the web, they moved behind a board so I couldn't see them; but soon I was amazed to see sparks flying from behind the board, sparks which looked like those which fly off a welder's torch. This was amazing: the two insects were actually welding the web – which was apparently made of some kind of fine metal! Somehow, facing each other as they were, the insects were able to generate between them the intense heat which was necessary to weld the web!

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