Dream of: 06 October 2002 "Stranger In The Attic"

While Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House, I thought I heard a noise in the attic, as if someone were walking around up there. I tried to ignore the noise, thinking no one could possibly be in the attic. However, when I again heard the a thumping sound, as if someone were walking around in the attic, I could ignore it no longer. I fetched a handgun and climbed up the stairs to the attic door in the hallway. Very cautiously I pushed up the cover to the attic entrance and poked my head up into the attic.

I was quickly amazed by what I saw: arranged neatly in a row were perhaps a dozen items which had recently disappeared from the House. The first item was a straw hat for which I had unsuccessfully searched. Among the other items were some books and a pile of money. Clearly someone must be staying in the attic and taking things from the House.

And then I saw something!: a thin white sheet was hanging in front of a candle or light, and behind the sheet was the silhouette of a man outlined by the light! Someone was staying in the attic! I pointed my gun in the direction of the sheet – intending to scare the person, not actually shoot him – and I fired. The gun made a loud bang; the shadow reacted immediately; in a frenzy, the person ran toward the end of the attic and slipped through a hole in the eaves.

I backed down the stairs, ran toward the front door and stepped outside. There he was! racing across the front yard! He was only a boy, not more than 6-7 years old. He was black and looked Hispanic.

I ran after him. He tried to hide behind a car, but I managed to grab him. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had some small tattoos on his shoulders. He probably lived somewhere there in the neighborhood. Holding his arms behind his back, I led him back toward the House, where I intended to call the police.

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