Dream of: 01 October 2002 "Catastrophe"

finding happiness

in times of chaos may be

the purpose of life 

My father and I were visiting New York City. At the moment we were not in the city, but just outside, standing next to a highway and facing the city's towering skyscrapers. As we looked out at the tall buildings, a man walked up and began showing us a piece of cardboard with the outlines of six men drawn on it. The man told us that one of the outlines was that of Ronald Reagan and asked us if we could identify the Reagan outline. I scrutinized the six outlines carefully, trying to determine which one was that of Reagan. When I was finally satisfied which outline was Reagan's, I pointed it out.

As I was looking at the cardboard, I continued glancing in the direction of the skyline in the background until I noticed a particularly large, thick smoke-cloud rising from the buildings. I immediately worried that a terrorist attack might have taken place and that a building was afire. I pointed out the smoke to my father and the man. As the three of us stared in apprehension, a huge wave of smoke encompassed the buildings. I watched in disbelief as the smoke began rapidly moving toward us. Obviously a major catastrophe had occurred - abuilding had probably collapsed.

We were ready to run when we heard the roar of a jet airplane somewhere nearby. By now the smoke was so close, we could not see the plane, but the sound of the plane was ominous. Suddenly the plane appeared, flying out of the black cloud of smoke. The plane was headed straight toward us and was so low, I was afraid it was going to hit us. Obviously the plane was in a desperate situation. The plane flew over us only a meter or two over our heads headed along the highway next to where we were standing. The plane was obviously going to try to land on the highway! However, the plane was headed right into the traffic on the left side, instead of flying along with the traffic on the right side of the highway. I cringed to think of the plane smashing into the oncoming cars; how many people would be killed? I could hardly bear to look. Just as the plane touched down, I turned my head away.

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