Dream of: 27 September 2002 "Alter Ego"

a lifetime of dreams

may be necessary for

certain destinies

I was memorizing some lines from Shakespeare when I suddenly realized that I was supposed to act in a play on the day after tomorrow. Although I was the main character in the play, I was not even sure which play it was, but it somewhat reminded me of Don Quixote. The thing about it was ... it was also written in Italian. I didn't even speak Italian. Nevertheless, I could still memorize my lines, so I was reading play, even though I was almost ready to give up. I said, "Oh well."

I thought I would just fake it. People probably would not understand it anyway. So I was desperately memorizing it.

I was also thinking about calling up my old friend from my late teeens, Steve Weinstein and talking with him. I was going to tell him, also, that I had realized that I had written many dreams in which he had appeared, and that he was somewhat like my "alter ego." He seemed to represent another side of me. This had come through in the dreams and I wanted to tell him about that and see what he thought. I hoped I would be able to develop this feeling of his being my alter ego in the dreams. I figured by the time I was 70 I would have enough dreams to write a complete book of dreams with him in them, but I would need quite a few more years to develop this theme.

As I was memorizing Shakespeare, I was on a bus. Some other people were with me.

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