Dream of: 24 September 2002 "Floating To Flying Saucer"

Carolina and I were camping in a tiny little tent. I was standing inside the tent. We were camped atop a bluff, with a ravine below us. A bridge crossed the ravine.

Many other people were supposed to show up. Some people had already shown up and they were camping on the bridge. They had stretched plastic overtop the bridge and now they were obviously going to sleep there. They hadn't come prepared with tents. I was a bit angry at the sight because other people needed to cross the bridge. I told Carolina I was going to go down and walk across the bridge, even though those people were there.

I walked on down. When I reached the creek at the bottom of the ravine, the water was so low, I walked across without getting wet. When I reached the other side, I became aware of much activity.
Booths and tents had been set up. I walked into one of the tents and abruptly remembered why Carolina and I had come here: this was a fair focused on trading stock. Many different shows and demonstrations were teaching people how to trade stock.

I stood outside one of the tents and overheard a man talking about a particular stock. I thought he was talking to himself. I thought about asking about it. I looked on a paper and saw he had written down the symbol of a stock: "SMILE." I wasn't familiar with the stock, although I had heard of it.

The man walked into the tent and I followed him. People began taking their seats. Everyone looked prepared. I really didn't want to stay, but I remained for a few minutes. The man began talking. He ask a question of an elderly woman standing next to me. She answered the question, but some people couldn't hear the answer. She turned on a contraption (a sound-enhancer) attached to her neck. Someone handed me one of the contraptions and I put it on. It was rather long, thin device, about 12 centimeters. Finally I realized I wasn't prepared, and I was worried about leaving Carolina up there by herself. I needed to get back.

I took off the contraption and I headed for the exit. Before I reached the outside, I noticed a section which seemed to be set up like a flea market. People were selling items related to different companies. One woman had set up a table with a wide assortment of advertising clocks. They were a bit interesting, but I really wasn't interested in them. So I walked on outside.

As I walked along the street,  I looked up into the air and saw a little floating white disk. I marveled: it looked like a flying saucer! I thought the saucer had shown up to give a show. That should be interesting. It stopped right over top of me, less than 20 meters above my head. I plaintively thought, "Great. Its going to stop and come down right here and I'm going to be caught right in the middle of it."

Suddenly I thought, "Well, maybe people float up to it."

I began willing myself (and I thought I was getting some help from the flying saucer) to float, and I began floating up toward the flying saucer. It was quite a wonderful feeling. I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, but I was just going to have to go up there and check it out. Carolina was going to have to wait a little bit longer.

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