Dream of: 15 September 2002 "A Little Bible"

My father, my mother, and I were in a small restaurant. On the side of the restaurant was a little store which sold alcohol. Next to where we sat down was a little device through which alcohol was flowing. It looked like very good brandy. I thought about sticking my finger in it and licking it, but I decided not to. My father had a small silver flask and he talked about how he bought 99% whiskey (supposedly the very best) and put it in the flask.

I decided to go into the little store next door. I thought I might even buy some whiskey and put it in a flask. I walked into the store and saw three people standing behind the counter. I noticed one counter which had coins for sale. I thought I might like to look at them, so I started looking over the coins. One tiny Bible (about two centimeters tall and about one centimeter wide) was lying in the counter. At first I thought the Bible was a coin. It had "38D" on it. I knew this was valuable because I already had couple of them. The price on the Bible was $30.

A bearded black man (about 40 years old) was standing behind the counter. He pulled out the Bible and handed it to me to look at. I thought I would make him an offer and I offered him $15 for the Bible. He looked in his price guide and said he would take $16 for it. I thought that sounded reasonable. I pulled out some money, paid him, and took the Bible.

The man mumbled something, but I didn't understand what he had said. I asked him to repeat it. He did so and finally I understood he was saying he wasn't open on Sundays and holidays because he spent those days with his family. He asked me not to bother him on those days. I told him that was fine. I looked at some more coins. I thought I might like to invest in some silver dollars.

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