Dream of: 12 September 2002 "Christ And The Dragon"

After parking our car in the parking lot of a restaurant, my wife Carolina and I stepped from the car and headed toward the restaurant; but I stopped for a moment behind the car which was parked next to ours: hanging from the lock of the truck was a set of keys – should I take them? Right under the keys, in a curious and unusual little box which was attached to the car, lay three little pieces of brown candy wrapped in cellophane. I decided to leave the keys where they were; but I scooped up the candy. As I once again picked up my steps toward the restaurant, I noticed some people sitting at their tables inside the restaurant; they were looking at me. Were they the owners of the candy? I hoped not. I opened one of the pieces of candy and put it in my mouth: not that good.

We reached the front door and walked inside the restaurant. Just inside the door was a table on which were sitting about a dozen small plaster statues. A black-haired Hispanic waitress (about 20 years old) stepped up and told us we could each have one of the little statues. Carolina declined and walked on into the restaurant. I, however, began looking over the statues. Most were only one or two inches tall. But one Christian manger scene was about six inches high. I picked it up and decided to take it. And then I thought I would look for one for Carolina. The waitress pointed out a statue with Christ and a dragon. It was the second largest, about four inches tall. I picked it up.

I walked toward the tables and joined Carolina. She was already carrying a huge bunch of shrimp; there must have been a hundred large shrimp roasted somehow together. She was eating one and I took one. Then we looked for a table, found one and sat down. Again I hoped the people at the window weren't the owners of the car with the candy.

Once we were seated, I showed Carolina my statues. The second statue, as well as displaying Christ and a dragon, displayed a woman with black hair which covered her face. Both statues seemed very pretty and I liked them. I would keep them for Christmas. Even though I wasn't Christian, I liked these type of baubles; they were penetratingly symbolical to me.

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