Dream of: 09 September 2002 "Council Meeting"

I had moved back to Portsmouth where I was living in a large frame two-story Victorian house. The house (which seemed somewhat like a boarding house) was owned by the Portsmouth city council and council meetings were held here. I myself wanted to become a member of the council and was making process in doing so.

Although it was early in the morning, a council meeting was already in process. Several men in their sixties – all dressed in black like judges – were attending the meeting. The meeting lasted for several hours and when it ended, everyone prepared to go to the next meeting; I was unsure whether the next meeting would be held in another room of this house or in another building.

As they prepared to leave, one of the council members commended me because I had been keeping the house so tidy and had been washing my dishes. Since I still had several dishes in front of me which needed to be washed, I hurried to the kitchen with my dishes. I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to wash the dishes and make it to the other meeting on time. As the others left, I hurriedly washed my dishes.

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