Dream of: 07 September 2002 "Summoned"

I was sitting in the back of spacious convention room crowded with people facing a podium at the front of the room. All the people were high dignitaries who belonged to an important organization, perhaps the United Nations. I was quite nervous; on the spur of the moment I had been summoned there by Dawson to give a speech. To my surprise, Dawson wanted me to read some of my dreams and talk a little about them. I had always assumed Dawson would disdain my dream-writing; thus his summons had been totally unexpected.

Sitting next to me on my left was a blond-haired fellow (about 20 years old) who closely resembled Jeff Hurley. Since he had also been summoned to give a short speech, I asked him if he was prepared. He said he was, that he had already written on a piece of paper what he intended to say. His words hit me like a brick; why had I not written anything down? Yes, I had the dreams I was going to read; but I needed to make an introductory statement, explaining why and how I wrote my dreams. The dreams alone certainly wouldn't suffice.

Maybe I still had time to write something. I pulled out a pen and paper and tried to think of what I would say. However, to my chagrin, I heard Dawson's name called out and I watched in fear as he walked up to the podium. As he began talking I became terrified. What would I say in front of this huge group of illustrious people? I wasn't prepared for this! Maybe Dawson would decide not to call me; or maybe he would simply forget. I waited in tense apprehension.

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