Dream of: 03 September 2002 "Breech"

I had just arrived at a small East Asian country and I appeared to be in a crowded refugee camp. I was in an open area with people all around me. An American woman stepped up and started talking with me. She strongly resembled Eloise (a Dallas friend who died in 2001). Like Eloise, she was perhaps 50 years old and had frizzy brown hair, but she definitely wasn't Eloise. She started talking with me about this place and asking me if I had ever been here before. I hadn't, and I didn't know exactly what I was going to do here.

Another American woman walked up carrying a brown wad of something which almost looked like chewing tobacco. It was some kind of drug, something which she called "breech." She asked me if I had ever tried any. I hadn't. I had never even heard of the drug. She handed me a gob of it, dry and moist. I asked her if she smoked it or ate it. She said I could either smoke or eat it. I took a bite. As I did so, I noticed a small monitor with a clock on it in front of me. I looked at the monitor, and I noticed that in 4-5 seconds I began feeling the extremely pleasant effects of the breech. I liked it.

The first woman was watching me. She told me to be very careful because breech was illegal here and I could get in a lot of trouble. She acted as if I shouldn't be eating the drug here, but since I had already started, I continued eating more.

The second woman walked away, but the first woman stayed with me. I kept eating. I wanted to eat all the breech so none would remain. I felt increasingly better. I asked the first woman if the breech was easy to obtain and she said no, that it was difficult to find here, but that it could be found.

I finally finished and I began looking at the first woman. She looked much better. Now that I had finished eating all the breech, she looked very sexy and alluring. I thought I might even want to kiss her.

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