Dream of: 02 September 2002 "Controlling An Elephant"

I had arrived at a small hotel room or apartment where I found my sister and two other girls (all about 15 years old). My sister didn't look at all like herself, but she did have long brown hair. They were all acting a little funny and I immediately realized they had taken a drug.

My first concern was my brother Chris, who wasn't present, but who was supposed to be under the care of my sister. He was in another room of this place which seemed increasingly like a large hotel. I picked up the phone and called the place where Chris was. He answered the phone and I could hear his voice. I asked him how he was. He was having a problem and he asked me to come up. His voice was sweet but weak. He wanted me to come up and help him.

I hung up, intending to go up and help Chris. However, I began talking with my sister and the two girls, all of whom were very pretty. I realized they were all high and I learned they had paid over $300 for some drugs, but they had been ripped off and had only received a few drugs.

One extremely pretty girl was lying on a bed. I walked over to the bed and thought about lying down next to her and kissing her on the stomach ... but I didn't.

Instead, I decided to help them recover their money. I was rather angry that they had paid this money to somebody for drugs.


I pulled up in a car in front of a little white trailer-house and I stepped out of the car. I could see through the front screen door into the interior of the trailer where an oriental woman was sitting at a table in the kitchen area. Before she could do anything, I walked up to the door and stepped into the trailer. I immediately confronted the woman about the drugs and I told her I wanted the money back, about $320. She balked ... she didn't want to give me the money, and I realized I would probably have to take action.

When a man called from the next room, I walked in there, found the guy, grabbed him, and threatened him. Then I heard the voice of another man from another room. I released the fellow I was holding and I headed to the other room. I walked in and saw the man lying on a bed. He, like the other two, was oriental. All were probably in their early 20s. As soon as I saw this fellow, I knew he had some kind of power and I wished I had brought a gun. I almost felt as if I had a gun. If I did have one, I would point it at the fellow's head and threaten him. As I imagined pointing the gun, it seemed as if I were actually doing so.

The man had the power to control things around him. Some different animals were in different rooms of this trailer. Although the trailer was small, it contained many rooms. An elephant was in one room. I could feel the man controlling the elephant and I thought the elephant would come into this room and attack me. I realized this fellow had much more power than I had imagined and I concluded I needed to leave. As I started walking out, I realized the fellow could not only control things, but he could control the whole environment with mystical power. The whole trailer seemed to begin to change and the atmosphere almost seemed unreal.

I pushed forward until I managed to exit the trailer. Outside, I wondered if the man might even be able to control the environment out there. I hoped I could simply get back in the car, but when I looked, I couldn't see anyone in the car. It looked as if the three girls weren't there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do because I was still worried the fellow was going to control the whole world around me.

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