Dream of: 01 September 2002 "Enriching The Soul"

About a kilometer west of the Gallia County Farmhouse, where Symmes Creek made a sharp L-turn north, lay a wide spot in the Creek which used to serve as a swimming hole, but which in recent years had been taken over by beavers which had built an intricate dam there.

Now, I was in a small wooden house which had been built right on the west side of the L-corner, overlooking the old swimming hole. I was standing in the house, talking on the phone with my father, who was back in the Farmhouse. My father was talking about how he was having difficulty harvesting his tobacco crop something about problems with the workers. Today he had harvested a small portion of the tobacco, but he was uncertain about how he would harvest the rest. I suggested that he might be better off to simply forget about the tobacco, that raising the tobacco might not be a good idea. He seemed puzzled that I would say such a thing and he asked me why. I replied, "Because tobacco kills people."

Silence on the other end. I went on to explain that tobacco might enrich his pocketbook; but I posed the question: "Does it enrich the soul?"

As I talked, I wandered over to the window overlooking the creek. I was immediately mesmerized by what I saw outside: a huge black snake swimming along the top of the water, going west and then turning north along the L-bend in the creek. I excitedly began describing the snake to my father; I had never seen a snake so big. Then I realized there were actually two snakes, one swimming in front of the other. Estimating the size, I told my father that the snakes were probably 50 feet long and eight inches in diameter in the middle; I also mentioned that the snakes were black with brown spots. I blurted out that he should come down there to see them.

The snakes swam along to a little water falls where the beaver dam normally was (only the water was flowing the opposite way from normal). The snakes slid over the water falls and then swam to the other side of the creek and into a little cove. Suddenly I screamed out to my father that yet a third black snake had appeared near the falls. The third snake swam over to the other two and all three snakes curled up together. I thought they might stay there; but suddenly unexpectedly they began rapidly moving toward my little wooden house. The front door was open to the room I was in and the snakes were headed toward the door! I was immediately frightened. The snakes were so big, they could squeeze me to death. Over the phone I hollered out to my father, "They're in the house!! They're in the room!!"

I thought I might be able to jump out the window and escape, but I feared one of the snakes would be waiting for me outside. I didn't know what to do.

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