Dream of: 26 August 2002 "Last Temptation"

My wife Carolina was riding on the back of a bicycle which I was pedaling in a park-like area close to the tiny village of Centerpoint, Ohio – in the area where Gallia County and Jackson County border each other. As I rode, I was listening to a song being sung by Willem Dafoe. A phrase in the song caught my attention; the phrase wasn't quite clear, but it seemed to have something to do with Dafoe's saying he was a believer. I recalled that Dafoe had played Christ in the movie The Last Temptation of Christ and I thought he had received much criticism by Christians for his role in that movie. It seemed that the song was his response to those Christians. In the song he seemed to be answering their criticism by saying that he did believe.

At the same time I was listening to the song, I was also concentrating on trading stocks. I was looking at a screen which showed that I owned 1000 shares of QQQ. I had just bought the stock the day before and today it was going up. I was already ahead several hundred dollars. Using my online brokerage, I decided to buy another 1000 shares. My plan was to continue to hold the 2000 shares as long as the stock kept rising, but to quickly sell it all if the stock began declining.

Suddenly, I realized Carolina was no longer on the back of the bicycle. I immediately turned around and began heading back in the direction from which I had come. I didn't see her anywhere! I might have to call someone for help. Whoever I called would probably ask if I had been on a motorcycle; the person would probably find it hard to believe I had been riding a bicycle and that she had fallen off.

Up ahead of me I saw Carolina. She was lying sprawled out on the sidewalk. Was she badly injured? No; as soon as she saw me she stood up. I pulled up close to her. She looked so pretty, about 25 years old. Her flowery print dress was so short; I could see her pubic hairs. Obviously she wasn't wearing any panties; she looked particularly sexy. Could we make love right here on the path? No one was around to see us.

Commentary of 16 November 2017

The story of Jesus is a story of symbolism. The message of Christ is a promise of a life after death. Yet I do not believe the story of Christ's rising from the dead, nor of his walking on water, etc. Nevertheless, I believe in eternal life, and therefore I believe the central tenet of Christ's teaching.

Christ is a symbol of life after death.

I also believe in communication with God.

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