Dream of: 16 August 2002 (2) "Along The Potomac"

I was in the back seat of a car which my father was driving. My mother, my sister and my brother Chris were also in the car. We traveled for quite a while until we ended up on the east coast of the United States. I thought we might be somewhere around Maryland, but I wasn't sure because my father hadn't told me where we were going. I looked at a map and finally figured out we were driving along the Potomac River. I could see the  river, which was large and wide. We passed two bridges which were being built side by side. I looked again at the map and saw the bridges were being built across a wide bay. I pointed all this out to my parents.

We passed a beautiful area with many monuments along the green banks of the Potomac. One impressive stone monument looked like a sculpture of George Washington's head on the sphinx (as the sphinx appears on the dollar bill). I pointed out the monument to Chris (who was sitting in the back seat), but it was too late -- he missed it by the time he looked. I wondered if there were any monuments around there for Abraham Lincoln.

We continued along the river, past houses which were no more than little shacks and we talked about the price of property. We reached a small town, where some of the houses were extremely small -- less than a meter wide and less than three meters long. Right next to the road, some of these little house were made entirely of glass. I said I wouldn't want to live in one of those little glass houses; a truck could come by in the night, plow right into one of the little houses, and instantly kill the occupant. We talked about how valuable the property must be there.

After we had riden into the outskirts of the town, my father announced that he had bought a piece of property there. For the land alone he had paid $330,000. He said he planned to build a house and retire there.

He didn't say so (because my mother didn't know), but apparently he had met a women whom he intended to bring there with him. Apparently the parents of the woman lived in the little town. I told him how impressed I was with the area and how I would come there to visit him. This would be a nice place to visit.

We reached a golf course and my father pulled in. We all climbed out of the car and walked inside the little office for the golf course. My father intended to play a round of golf, but I really didn't want to play golf. Two boys (8-9 years old) were going to caddy for us. Apparently my father had been there quite a few times on previous visits to the area. He already knew one of the boys and he said the boy was a good caddy. He indicated the boy could give me some tips if I wanted to play golf.

We walked into a small room and sat down. I noticed my father looked better than usual. He was thin and only about 40 years old, but his hair was a dull white. I was impressed by how well he looked. I asked my sister (who only looked about 10 years old) if she wanted to play golf. I wasn't sure, but I was beginning to think I might actually play a round.

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