Dream of: 16 August 2002 "The Stupid Holy Ghost"

I arrived at a building and began looking for Rembert Glass (my favorite college professor, who died untimely in the 1980s). Students filled the hallways. I went to the front desk and asked someone how to find Rembert. I distinctly said I was looking for "Rembert Glass." I recalled how I used to think Rembert's name was "Rembrandt." So I took special pains to correctly pronounce the name "Rembert." I was told where to go.


I was walking through college hallways looking for Rembert. I could hear his voice, as if on a microphone, directing me. I was looking for classroom Number 8. I had to go down some stairs and through a hall. Water was on the floor.

I couldn't find the classroom. I passed rooms with numbers on them, but not the one I was seeking.

I was thinking of transferring to this school. Yet at the same time, I thought it was too late for me to be studying. I was already 50 years old. It seemed as if I were searching for something, something like "enlightenment." But being 50 years old, I seemed to be too old to be going to school and searching. Finally I saw Number 8 and I headed toward the door.


I was in a classroom where Rembert (probably in his mid 30s) was teaching. He sported his black beard. He was thin. He looked just like he had when he taught me. I was very happy to be here and to see Rembert again. It had been so long. It was very strange, because I was in another country in a far-away place. I just happened to come into this classroom, and there he was.

Rembert said he would like someone to explain the basis of the Trinity. I had been rather lethargic and sluggish, but suddenly I came alive. I thought this was what I wanted to do: talk about things like this. I immediately spoke up and said God was the basis of the Trinity.

I was imagining the Trinity as a triangle with God being the bottom line of the triangle, as if God were on the bottom: the basis.

I tried to explain that God was not only the central part of the Trinity, but that God  was also in both the other parts: in the Holy Ghost and in Jesus Christ.

I wondered if the Holy Ghost was considered to be the spirit of someone who had died.

In an exasperated tone, I facetiously asked if someone would please explain to me the Holy Ghost. Nobody responded. I continued talking about the Holy Ghost until I finally said this was the stupidest idea I could imagine. Nobody could know what the Holy Ghost was. The whole idea of this Trinity seemed incredibly idiotic to me.

Rembert looked at me as if I had made a terrible faux pas by saying this. He seemed to say that there were people in this room who definitely believed in the Trinity and that I shouldn't be poking fun at what they believed.

At the same time, his glances were simply part of the discussion here, and I enjoyed being able to express my opinion. I mused, however, that perhaps I had slightly transgressed by saying the Holy Ghost was stupid.

The class broke up. I talked with Rembert for a bit. I told him I was thinking of transferring here and taking all his classes. I would build my life around him and taking his classes. I would be starting a new life.

Rembert gave me a very nice gift.


I walked out of the classroom with a group of students. I noted how I was dressed. I was wearing a button-up sweater which was open in the front. Underneath I was wearing a tee-shirt with a picture of Daffy Duck on the front. I thought the way I was dressed looked very good.

 We boarded a car and began riding around. Only after a while did I notice that the females in the car were white and that the males were black.

We seemed to be looking for a bar. I was concerned that I might be the only white male in the bar. I didn't want to have problems. I figured the white girls would be accepted, but I doubted I would be accepted as a white male. I asked the others if I would be the only white male in the bar.

The black male driver spotted a parking spot. Another driver in another car also spotted the same parking spot and both cars started backing up fast toward the spot. We were just about to beat the other car to the spot, when a third car beat us both and took the parking spot.

Yet a fourth car which had been in pursuit of the parking spot pulled up. The fourth car crashed and turned over onto its side. Everyone in my car jumped out. My pet Dalmatian Picasso was with me. We ran over to the crash site. There was really nothing we could do. We intended to continue on.

Rembert had given me some kind of tool which I was carrying with me. One of the girls said I would have to leave the tool in the car. I really didn't want to do that. But she really didn't want me to leave the tool in the car. She said if I left it in the car, someone might break into the car and damage the car. She wanted me to take the tool somewhere.

One of the fellows had a dog. While I talked with the girl, the fellow took Picasso over to a little fence surrounded by weeds. Apparently the fellow intended to leave Picasso there. I ran over to the fence where Picasso was struggling to pull free of the fellow. I grabbed Picasso's leash and I told the fellow that was not going to happen. I wasn't going to leave Picasso here while we went somewhere else. If necessary, I would stay out here with Picasso. But I definitely wasn't going to leave him here.

Commentary of 16 November 2017
The Holy Ghost seems like a symbol for the communication which takes place between man and God. Perhaps the idea is that God assumes the role of a ghost which communicates with man. In this context of symbols, Jesus Christ is a symbol for man. But what is God a symbol of. I just realized that I have never thought of God in my dreams as symbol for something else, but only as God.

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