Dream of: 12 August 2002 "Dingy Hallway"

I was pushing a bicycle as my wife Carolina, my pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were walking around on the west end of Portsmouth, Ohio, just north of Market Street where the buildings were sparse. I was unsure why I was here; I was just looking around. Suddenly a car pulled up close to us and a man wearing a black hood and black clothes jumped out. Thinking he was going to attack us, I picked up the bicycle as if to sling it at the man. I told Carolina to run; but she didn't run and the man passed us without incident.

Picasso slipped his leash and ran across a street. Some cars were passing and I thought he was going to be hit; but he came back unharmed.

I noticed a huge ornate brick building I had never seen before – probably 10 stories tall – and I pointed it out to Carolina. A ramp led zigzag to the third floor of the building. A line of people was walking up the ramp and entering the building. I wanted to see what was inside – probably a government building. All three of us walked up the ramp. When we reached the door, Carolina and Picasso waited outside while I walked in. I was surprised by what I saw: just a long hallway with white doors on the both sides. Everything was white, but old and dingy. I concluded the doors led to small apartments for students from Shawnee State University. I walked all the way to the end of the hall, but I didn't see anyone. One door was partially open; I could see inside – it was dark. I thought about going in, but I didn't.

I returned to the entrance where Carolina and Picasso had stepped inside a small room at the entranceway. A woman was here talking with a student, a girl (probably in her late teens). The woman – criticizing the student – seemed to be in charge. Carolina spoke up and said something in Spanish to the student. The girl didn't respond and I couldn't tell whether the girl had understood Carolina.

The teacher and the student walked over to an elevator and got on. About 10 other people crowded onto the elevator. Carolina followed and also stepped on. I ran after Carolina and squeezed into the elevator just as the door was closing. Only women were on the elevator. Was I allowed to be here? The place seemed to be co-ed. The door began to shut.

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