Dream of: 09 August 2002 "Balsa Bi-Wing Plane"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio. There was going to be some kind of assembly of people with whom I had attended high school and I was thinking about going to the assembly. I thought I might call my attorney friend Jon to go with me. Or maybe Nina Cahan (a medical doctor with whom I went on a few dates in Dallas around 1986).

I was at my mother's house and I was getting ready to go. I was wearing my brown dress pants and debating whether I should wear brown, which didn't quite seem like the appropriate color. I was thinking about simply wearing blue jeans and I finally decided to wear blue jeans. I figured I would be the only person there wearing blue jeans, but it didn't really matter. I thought if Jon went, he would probably be wearing blue jeans, too.

My mother (about 30 years old) was with me. She looked like Goldie Hawn. She stepped up to me and I was going to kiss her good-bye. I kissed her on the lips, and for the first time (I had never done this before), I stuck my tongue out and caressed her lips with my tongue. I could see her eyes open as if she didn't know what to think of that. She didn't open her mouth or anything.

It felt extremely good to do that. Since she didn't stop me from doing it, I thought we would probably do it in the future.

I left. I didn't pick up anyone else. I went to the assembly by myself and walked into something like a large auditorium. There were fold-out chairs and people sitting in rows. I saw one chair off to the right and took it. I didn't get right in the middle.

As I had been walking into the assembly, I had figured people there would know me. I was pretty tall and thin. I only looked as if I were about 35 years old. I thought this was going to be strange because this would be the first time I would have met these people since I had begun posting my dreams on the web. I knew there were some people who read my dreams. I thought maybe Laura (a sexy blonde classmate from the 10th through 12th grades) had read my dreams and that she might be there.

I walked on in. I didn't see anyone whom I knew at first. I sat down at the first seat on the right in a row. I looked on down to my right, and I saw (on down the row, in the row behind me) Jim Carver (another classmate of the same time period as Laura). He looked as if he were only about 20 years old. He gave me a rather odd look, and I wondered if he might have read my dreams.

It just seemed strange being there amongst people who might have read the dreams, but I thought at least people knew who I was. It wasn't as if I were famous: I hadn't written a book or anything that was being read. It did seem however as if I would be picked out: at least I had done something.

I thought people might have noticed that I hadn't written anything lately. I just hadn't been in the mood to be writing. Nevertheless, I was planning to write many more dreams on my web site.

After sitting there for a few minutes, I looked around behind me and saw my old friend Randy Ramey sitting right behind me. I said hello to him and he was friendly. He started pulling out some things. I told him that I had called him earlier and that I had even stopped by his house earlier to talk to him about coming here.

I was thinking I would like to get some marijuana from him. He pulled out a baggie, but it looked as if it had something hard like a brownie in it. I thought it might be hash. He gave me a little purple tablet and told me to take it. Apparently it was some kind of drug, but it wasn't very powerful. He handed it to me.

After we had sat there a few minutes, Ramey and I stood and walked outside together into an enclosed area. I was surprised to see that Ramey had a bi-wing plane which he was pulling along. It looked as if it were a model which he was working on building. It was the size of a regular bi-wing plane, but just the frame, and seemed to be made of balsa wood.

I thought it was great that Ramey was building something like that. Ramey pulled the plane over to a building (like a garage) and as he tried to pull the plane through a door in the building, the top of the plane hit the door and a little piece of the wood fell off. I went to Ramey to see if I could help him get into the building. 

All the while I was thinking how interesting it was that Ramey had ended up building a plane like that.

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