Dream of: 28 July 2002 "Angelica"

I was sitting in the back room of a restaurant. Seated on my left was a black-haired woman (18-19 years old) wearing a white top. I had my arm around her; no one else was in the room. I had only recently met the woman and I had already begun to form an attachment to her. She also was growing attached to me, which was surprising, because she was so much younger than I. She was a bit plump, but I didn't mind so much I couldn't expect the best. However, I was concerned about the age difference. I didn't mind personally, but other people might frown on my being involved with such a young woman. Nevertheless, I would be willing to undergo public condemnation to be with her.

We talked and she learned that I wrote my dreams. She asked me how much time I devoted to writing and I admitted that I had been quite lax lately and that I had spent little time on the dreams. I told her I might spend a couple hours a day, but I doubted if I spent that much time on them. She had a pleasant disposition; but why would she be with me? I asked her where she lived and she told me she lived with her parents. When I probed farther, she said she only lived with her mother; she didn't seem to know about her father. Now her being with me made more sense. She was looking at me as a father figure. She herself probably didn't understand the dynamics at play here, but I did. Nevertheless, I wanted to be with her, although I was unsure I was ready for other people to see us. Thus when I heard some people entering the room, I excused myself from the table and walked out of the room.

It was some time before I returned. When I walked back into the room and the woman was no longer there, I immediately knew she had been killed in an accident: she was dead. On the wall, written in foot-high white letters was her name: "Angelica." I would miss her. But now at least people wouldn't condemn me for having been with such a young woman.

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