The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

Dream of: 27 July 2002 "Jerusalem"

With my guide (a man probably in his mid 50s), my pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were in a car touring Jerusalem. The city was torn by war; danger seemed to lurk everywhere. When we stopped to visit someone in a small house, the man and I walked inside while Picasso waited in the car. After the man and I had been met by another man (about 30 years old), the three of us sat down and began conversing. The host inquired as to why I was here. I told him that I had only arrived in Jerusalem today and that this was the first time I had ever been here.

A small dog ran around the room; it had some blue paint or ink on its fur and it smeared the blue on a couch and pillows. Our host didn't seem to mind; he wiped the ink off as if nothing had happened. Only gradually did I become aware of just how small this house was no bigger than a large car. I finally concluded the house was a car which had been hollowed out. A small area had been added on one side like a porch; and the house was high enough to stand up in; but still, the house was nothing more than the outer hulk of a car. A puddle of fetid water stood in the corner. A squalid place typical of Jerusalem.

I noticed another dog behind the man and I motioned for it to come to me; it was a Dalmatian not a particularly pretty one. I petted it and asked the man if he minded dogs being brought into the house. Through the open door I could see Picasso sitting in our car; maybe I would bring Picasso inside to meet this dog. But when the man indicated this Dalmatian didn't get along with other dogs, I abandoned my idea.

We stood to leave and I stepped outside. I was happy to be out of the confining little house. Did many people in Jerusalem live in cars like this? From where we stood I could see many houses with red-tiled roofs on the surrounding hills; they didn't appear shabby. Yet I knew misery and desolation inhabited this town; I would be happy to leave.

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