Dream of: 25 July 2002 "Guinea Pig"

Early in the morning, I was driving a car over a bridge, heading to work. I soon realized, however, I was traveling in the opposite direction from my place of employment. I seemed to be headed across a bridge leading to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I stopped at a red light at the end of the bridge and when the light changed, I turned right. A car coming toward me looked at first like a police car, but it wasn't.

Large ornate brick buildings lined the street on my left. Up ahead was a small park. I remembered I had once wanted to visit this park with Carolina, but she hadn't wanted to come. From the park, one could look out over the confluence of three rivers and the bridges which crisscrossed the rivers. A scenic area of another state could be seen on the other side of one of the rivers.

I continued slowly driving until I noticed a small fountain with statues in it; since I couldn't drive right up to the fountain, I parked the car and stepped out. I walked up to the fountain, over which was a beautiful statue of a woman swimming on her side. Other statues stood nearby. I walked toward them. I now remembered I had indeed been here once before with Carolina, but only briefly.

Quite a few people were already there. The peoples' presence seemed a bit strange because it was so early in the morning. Small buildings stood beside the walkway, and inside the buildings were several exhibits. One of the exhibits cost five dollars to see. Without paying I was able to look inside and see a long curving statue which indistinctly depicted perhaps 20 lions. The statue was greenish-blue, like rusted brass. The statue was intriguing, but I didn't want to spend the money to enter.

I walked past a couple more exhibits until a dignified woman (probably in her late 50s) pulled me over to the side. We sat down at a small round table and began talking about a job for which I had applied. When she began talking about everything which had just happened to me, I realized I had been dreaming. The woman knew about the dream. It seemed that in the dream I had been undergoing a test to see if I would be worthy of the job for which I had applied. I had failed the test. The woman explained that I should have spent the money to go in and see the lions. The interview was short. She said if I had spent the money I would have been more "opulent"; but I hadn't. We parted.

Dejected, I looked around a bit more. Another section of the exhibit I had missed consisted of about a dozen murals which depicted the history of the area. The murals – probably 10 meters tall – were colorful and interesting. Many people were crowded in front of the murals. One young fellow came walking toward me; he didn't seem to know which way to go.

I looked to my right, walked over to a small restroom and stepped inside. After closing the door I suddenly felt extremely disturbed. I needed to leave here and go to work. Having missed the job opportunity bothered me; I needed that job. I had all kinds of expenses. I had office rent and house rent to pay, over $1,000. My money was running out. I only had about $20,000 left. At this rate I would soon be broke. I felt sick to my stomach.

I walked out of the bathroom and back into the park. Some boys were playing with eight or nine dogs amidst the tall shady trees. Among the dogs was a small black and white guinea pig which was acting a bit like a dog. Noticing, however, that the guinea pig had blood on its side, I realized the boys were urging the dogs to attack the guinea pig. The boys' game seemed gruesome. The poor little guinea pig. I hurried on. I didn't want to watch the defenseless little guinea pig murdered.

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