Dream of: 24 July 2002 "Vicious Little Animals"

My mother and I were staying in the Gallia County Farmhouse, which seemed quite different than usual more modern, as if some additions had been made. My father had come to visit us; I began explaining to him a dire problem: some vicious little animals were in the basement, and I was afraid they would attack my mother while she was sleeping. I showed my father the door to the basement, as well as two other doors between my mother's room and the basement. Since none of the doors had locks, I talked with him about the type of locks which needed to be installed; I debated whether to use a hasp and staple with a padlock, or a slide lock.

Another man was with my father a strong vigorous fellow (about 40 years old). He seemed to understand exactly what I was talking about and was quite helpful. When I began talking about where I might buy the locks, he said an Eckards store was near the neighboring town of Rio Grande. He told me to follow the road where the McDonalds was. I pictured the route in my mind, thinking I would leave immediately to buy the locks. My mother chimed in, telling my father he should pay for my gas. Embarrassed that she would suggest such a thing, I told her I would buy the gas myself. I was ready to leave.

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