Dream of: 22 July 2002 "Wind-Up Toys"

My mother and I had gone to visit my great-aunt Jane (about 50 years old). The three of us – sitting in a neat bedroom – began talking about an elderly woman whom we all knew. The elderly woman was in ill health, and my mother and I expected she would soon die. We told Jane we expected the woman would be leaving us a substantial part of her estate. Jane looked surprised to hear this and she informed us that the woman had already died and that her will had been read the day before. Hearing this news, I immediately concluded that my mother and I would receive nothing, and I said as much to Jane.

Jane told us she had been to the reading of the will. She explained that several charities had been given most of the money (I was wondering if Jane had also received some of the money). Jane then explained that the woman had also left behind some personal property which the woman had asked to be given to different people. The personal property was sitting on the well-made tidy bed. I walked over and looked at it. Before me sat an assortment of metal wind-up toys, all probably from the 1950s. One toy was Donald Duck. Another was Yogi Bear. All the toys appeared to be in excellent condition and were obviously valuable collectibles. Apparently, however, the woman hadn't left anything for my mother and me – not even one of the pretty little toys.

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